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Accessibility Options

Keyboard Access for this site
Microsoft IE4 press ‘alt’ and number at the same time.
Microsoft IE5+ press ‘alt’ and number then press enter.

Hints and Tips

Setting the font size – Firefox

Select text size under the View Menu

From the sub menu select Increase to Enlarge text (Keyboard Shortcut ctrl ++)
Select Decrease to reduce the Text Size (Keyboard Shortcut ctrl +-)
Select Normal to return the Text to it’s default size (Keyboard Shortcut ctrl +0)

Setting the font size – IE 5.0 and above

When using a screenreader it is always best to make the font as small as possible. This stops the text from wrapping which allows the screenreader to read it more easily.

– Under the View menu there is the option Text sizes .
– Change the size to Smallest from the submenu.

Use the following procedure to change the fonts IE 5.0 and above

Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
The Internet Options dialogue box is displayed.
Click the Fonts button. The system displays the Fonts dialogue box.

Select the Web page font and the Plain text font as required.

Click the OK button to close the Fonts dialogue box.

Click the Accessibility button. The Accessibility dialogue box is displayed.

Select the relevant “ignore” options to force your preferences over the web page settings.

Click the OK button to close the Accessibility dialogue box.
Click the OK button to close the Internet Options dialogue box.

Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Internet Explorer

To move to the next link, click TAB.
To move to the previous link, click SHIFT TAB.
To activate a selected link, click ENTER.
To find text on the current page, click CTRL F.
To go to next page, click SHIFT BACKSPACE OR ALT RIGHT ARROW.
To go to previous page, click BACKSPACE OR ALT LEFT ARROW.
To scroll toward the beginning of a document, click UP ARROW.
To scroll toward the end of a document, click DOWN ARROW.
To scroll toward the beginning of a document in larger increments, click PAGE UP.
To scroll toward the end of a document in larger increments, click PAGE DOWN.

To move to the beginning of a document, click HOME.
To move to the end of a document, click END.
To refresh the current page, click F5 key or CTRL R. To stop downloading a page, click ESC.
To go to a new location, click CTRL O.
To open a new window, click CTRL N.
To save the current page, click CTRL S.
To print the current page or active frame, click CTRL P.
To select all, click CTRL A.
To copy selection, click CTRL C.
To display a shortcut menu for a hyperlink, click SHIFT F10 key.
To close the Window, click CTRL W.
To quit Program, click ALT F4 key. Keyboard shortcuts for Firefox
Back Alt+Left Arrow (or Backspace on Windows)
Bookmarks Ctrl+B or Ctrl+I
Bookmark This Page Ctrl+D
Caret Browsing F7
Close Tab Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4
Close Window Ctrl+Shift+W or Alt+F4
Complete .com Address Ctrl+Enter
Complete .net Address Shift+Enter
Complete .org Address Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Copy Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert
Cut Ctrl+X or Shift+Del
Delete Del
Downloads Ctrl+J (Windows & Mac OS X only), Ctrl+y (Linux only
Find Again F3 or Ctrl+G
Find As You Type /
Find As You Type: links only ‘
Find in This Page Ctrl+F
Find Previous Shift+F3 or Shift+Ctrl+G
Force Reload (override cache) Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R (Command+Shift+R Mac OS X)
Forward Alt+Right Arrow (or Shift+Backspace on Windows)
Full Screen F11
History Ctrl+H
Home Alt+Home
Location Bar F6 or Ctrl+L or Alt+D
New Tab Ctrl+T
Next Frame F6
Next Tab Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+PageDown
New Window Ctrl+N
Open File Ctrl+O
Open Location in New Tab Alt+Enter
Page Source Ctrl+U
Paste Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert
Previous Frame Shift+F6
Previous Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+PageUp
Print Ctrl+P
Redo Ctrl+Y (NOT Linux) or Ctrl+Shift+Z
Reload F5 or Ctrl+R
Save Page As Ctrl+S
Search see Find and Web Search
Select All Ctrl+A
Select Next Search Engine in Search Bar Ctrl+Down
Select Previous Search Engine in Search Bar Ctrl+Up
Select Tab [1 to 9] Ctrl+[1 to 9]
Stop Esc
Text Size: Decrease Ctrl+-
Text Size: Increase Ctrl++
Text Size: Normal Ctrl+0
Web Search Ctrl+K (or Ctrl+E on Windows & Mac OS X, or Ctrl+J on Unix)
Undo Ctrl+Z